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Engage in a sound bath healing which is the epitome of wellness and it is a luxury.

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Meet Vanessa

Vanessa LeMaistre discovered her calling as a shaman many years ago but it wasn’t until the passing of her sweet baby named Kamden, that she told the Universe that she would answer the call. Vanessa has been doing tarot readings, mediumship, and psychedelic advocacy for 7 years now. She is an energy healer, a sound bath healer, and lives to bring transformative impact and wellbeing into the community. 

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Corporations Wellness Through Meditation And Sound Bath Healing

Since They Will Be A Higher Fee If A Corporation Hired Me For A Morning Wellness Class

Passionate About Guiding Others

Discover The Magic Within. SoulsXO Guides You On A Journey Of Self-love And Luxury Wellness.

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Sound bath healing is the epitome of wellness and it is a luxury. With tremendous benefits such as mindfulness, calming down the nervous system, relieving stress, and an increased immune system. My specific sound healing service offers an add-on option for team building through cultivating a sharing talking space where people can feel seen, heard, and safe. My Sound Bath healing meditations cultivate a sense of equality by inviting the entire team to receive sound healing.

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The soul knows which way to go and just like your Spirit has led you here, it will continue guiding you on your journey of Self.

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