Vanessa LeMaistre discovered her calling as a shaman many years ago but it wasn’t until the passing of her sweet baby named Kamden, that she told the Universe that she would answer the call. Vanessa has been doing tarot readings, mediumship, and psychedelic advocacy for 7 years now. She is an energy healer, a sound bath healer, and lives to bring transformative impact and wellbeing into the community. Vanessa recently published Believe in Your Soul, a book that is part memoir- part self-help with positive affirmations at the end of each chapter. Vanessa channels her son Kamden throughout various parts of the book and she was inspired to write this book because she knew if she could get through all the adversity she had faced in her life, so can you. Vanessa is a storyteller and motivational speaker. You can find Vanessa leading Divine Feminine healing circles, speaking about sustainability, Diversity and Inclusivity, psychedelic advocacy, overcoming obstacles or all around spirituality. Vanessa has an M.A. in Resilient Leadership- a focus in sustainability and social justice. Vanessa has spent some time in the jungles of Pulcallpa, Peru sitting with the sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca for a sacred dieta. This path in her journey has helped her connect to the depths of her soul and learn to be in better alignment with her authenticity. Vanessa is big on reclaiming your power, connecting with the Divine Goddess within, and to constantly learning as we heal and love ourselves on this journey called life. Vanessa has done a lot of work on herself and over the years she has connected more deeply with her multi-raced Haitian roots. By embracing Haitian spirituality, she is the epitome of a modern Haitian-American shaman. She oozes wellness as this is the organic nature of her soul and when she feels most at home with Self. Vanessa enjoys delivering a loving and compassionate meditative sound bath experience for you. She offers 1-on-1 sessions and group sessions. The high vibe nature of these wellness sessions will leave you feeling amazing and spiritually fine-tuned without having to do a thing. During her readings and coaching sessions, Vanessa will spiritually guide you based on what your Spirit team and her Spirit team is advising you to do for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of all. Whether it’s a 1-on-1 session or you book her for your next luxury event, corporate workshop, or party you will experience a positive transformational shift as your Spirit team is who has led you to her.

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