My son Kamden was born with Zellweger syndrome. Three days after his birth, doctors weren’t yet aware of why he was so quiet, not crying and foaming at the mouth. They had rushed him to NICU for labs and tests to diagnose his symptoms. After finding out his prognosis was this rare and fatal disease, the doctor gave Kamden three months at most to live. During this time leading up to his 3 months I always worried about him, walking on eggshells constantly. But I knew I gave him the best life. His father had only met Kamden about 5 times during the entire 9 months he had lived. His passing came February 23, 2016, I held him in my arms and hummed with him while he smiled excessively. He was and will always be my baby love, our DNA was connected, our umbilical cord was connected and our souls tied together. I real-eyes-ed I had to fulfill my purpose in life. And I knew nothing would stop me. Not after losing him.

Kamden’s Room is inspired by Kamden and for Kamden’s message. I know he would want me to give other children an opportunity and the chance to fulfill an education to improve literacy and life skills. Kamden’s Room is proud to donate books to children and teach them through guided meditation to also improve hopes and dreams that anything is possible if we can open their horizons to an education!

One is liberated when one has freedom, when one has knowledge.

Meditation can benefit children through happiness, relieving stress, anxieties and over-stimulation. Kamden’s Room also utilizes meditation for children who explore mindfulness and prosperity.

Previous donations I've sponsored have helped schools in third world countries such as Khushi School via Khushi Charitable Society in Rishikesh, India! Khushi School helps sponsor children with education fees, uniform coverage and much more. These children are sponsored through this charity to further their education to University.

We have many more venues to come in making these children's dreams come true!

If you would like to help in this movement and be part of this dream, you can contribute today! Contact:

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