Expand, Explore, Real- Eyes!

May 07 , 2024

Vanessa LeMaistre

Expand, Explore, Real- Eyes!

We live in a world where it is very easy to just stick to your everyday routine, to look forward to the same life events others look forward to: getting married, having a baby, you know, the typical. But when was the last time you tried something new? When was the last time you went out dancing while not worrying about who was watching? When was the last time you traveled somewhere you’ve never been before? Try new things. What was the last thing that peaked your interest? Go find out more about it and give it a try.

Do you ever real-eyes how big the Universe actually is and how many galaxies there actually are? How tiny you really are in the whole spectrum of it all and yet how much of everything you are all at the same time. What will it take for you to rip your hear open to the enormously massive world you are here to experience right now? In the only way that you alone can experience it. No one can live your life for you. So why not see it all, do it all, feel it all, explore it all. Who know’s what you will pick up on the way and take away from situations. Who knows what form of expression you will become. Since we are all just different, equal yet unique expressions of God.

When people say “life is short,” it’s not because that’s a myth. They say that because it’s so darn true! I’ve gone to mediums before and some of the messages spirit will give from the other side is ” life is precious,” and it’s almost like they real-eyes that now, after it’s too late. Don’t wait until it’s too late for you to experience all that you truly desire to experience.