The Importance of Men Tapping into Their Divine Feminine Energy

May 07 , 2024

Vanessa LeMaistre

The Importance of Men Tapping into Their Divine Feminine Energy

The state of our global socioeconomic status right now is in crisis. Whether you want to face it or not. For too long, our society has been cultivating us to not look at things for what they are. To run away from the darkness- look at life from rose colored lenses. Ultimately, doing this creates a discord with the ability to heal and move forward as a measure to thrive, first as an individual and ultimately as a collective.


Society has screwed up a lot with their conceptual of how we should live our lives. Let's start with how we're brought up in school and raised in home. Society has never taught us to love ourselves. Isn't that strange? Should that not be a  preceder for growing up as a child? As an adolescent? That would make people feel capable, confident, loving of others because they wouldn't be so afflicted with insecurities and feelings of inferiority.


Society screwed up with how they raise our men. Okay, to be honest, we have needed the masculine energy on this earth to build all that we have right now. The masculine energy is necessary and always needed as it is an energy of action, vigor, tenacity, tangibility and one of building. However, I do feel that society has obstructed the image of what it means to "be a man," and it is false.

Society tries teaching you that a man means to be "strong." Society has portrayed an image of what a strong man looks like- a provider, big muscles, deep voice, never ever crying. Now this makes no sense to me. Do you know what happens to someone when they do not express their emotions? That shit can literally kill you.


I have so much compassion for men because I can empathize with the pain they may be harboring and don't yet know how to express that. And yes it can be scary to feel some of your emotions, and let alone share them, but that is what makes you strong in doing this. This is a form of courage. I'm not suggesting to share all your feelings all the time, however I am suggesting to take a more feministic approach. Tap into the reflective side of you, the contemplative side that allows you to engage in your emotions. Tap into flow of how these emotions are all natural and how they always come and go. Tap into your intuitive side that can assist you as you process all that's going on. Not only will you handle your emotions better by tapping into your feminine side, but you will also handle your business matters better by coming from a more balanced approach.


And as women are tapping more and more into their masculine energy, they too are beginning to hide their emotions more and more. We don't live in a society that teaches us to love ourselves and that it's okay to express ourselves. Rather, it's that "let's just push everything under the rug and not look at the things that are really 'bad.'" Don't you see that that lacks a sense of courage and promotes cowardice? It takes strength to look at the things that disturb you. To really peel back the layers. It takes strength to allow yourself to feel and to allow yourself to cry even. If men learned how to tap into their vulnerability and softness, maybe the world would look different. Maybe corporations would be ran differently. Maybe the world would be filled with less ego and more soul; more love. Maybe there'd be less "profit over people," and more mission motivated endeavors. This would bring more communities together (someone recently pointed out to me that the word community states "commune," and "unity," within it,) and more balance within the world.


If men were taught to be more fluid, they would go with the flow a little bit more. If they were taught to tap into their intuition a bit more, they would be coming from a more feminine approach where there lies immeasurable power. The true qualities of the feminine are grace, flow, creativity, life, abundance, beauty, softness, fierceness, divine wisdom.. Yet, see society doesn't teach us this.

The reality is that every single human being is comprised of both masculine and feminine energies. So to be taught to disregard your feminine side is a big disservice to yourself and not allowing yourself to reach your full potentiality. If you don't reach your full potential, are you really serving mankind and fulfilling your purpose on earth? Why wouldn't you want to be more whole?


You see the problem in our global socioeconomic crisis right now is that everything is off balance. Yes we needed the masculine energy to build all the important corporations we have today, but we have a messed up history. Hence, the position of our global crisis right now. You put too much masculine anywhere and it's too much ego, too much power-tripping and this can easily prevent one from maintaining sustainability. This becomes destructive. Hence, the condition we are currently in globally. It's time we try to fix things. It's time we try to bring things more into balance; perhaps with a more feminine approach.


Mother Earth is begging us for regeneration. Mother Earth is always there for us, providing for us. If it weren't for her ground, we would have no ground to walk on. If it weren't for the trees and forests, we wouldn't have carbon dioxide to breathe in. The fact of the matter is, if we don't get it together we won't have any more oxygen to breathe in due to the excess amounts of carbon we have in the air right now; smh.


She is begging us to give her love, only what she's been giving to us. She is begging us to tap into our feminine side. All of us, men and women, so we can all individually be more balanced and ultimately more powerful. Because the older generation is not going to be here much longer- and that is a reality that we millennials need to face and take responsibility for as the younger generation will be too young.

Talk about these things. Embrace your feminine side- men and women. Real-eyes that it takes strength to face the darkness. Make a plan, think of solutions, bring flow to your everyday life, act from compassion, tap into your intuition.


I will always be grateful for the Sacred Masculine energy. However, it has been abused and oversaturated. Our society is completely constructed off of an unrealistic sense of privilege based on an outdated theory of patriarchy. It being 2018 and the world being as diverse as it is, will only become more and more diverse as time goes on. It is unrealistic to keep moving forward with hopes to thrive healthily while totally perceiving life through an off-balanced patriarchal focal point.


It is unrealistic as more women are tapping into their masculine energy. They are surpassing the capabilities of men and truly becoming their equal by being able to do everything they can do plus more.


The world is imbalanced. And in order for Mother Earth to successfully regenerate herself and to be restored, there needs to be more of a feministic approach to individuality, action, governance, care, intention, truly everything. We have been off balance for the majority of our human existence.

Our perspective of the feminine needs to change. Tapping into the feminine does not mean flamboyant, gay, weak, less than, stupid, incapable, dainty. No instead, there is immense power when you tap into your feminine side more and more and become more balanced as a human being. There becomes a profound wisdom you are able to apply to every aspect of your life and I refer to this gift as our divine feminine energy. Once you tap into that divine wisdom that simply knows within your being, you become unstoppable.


As you connect to your divine feminine essence, you may notice that you have more charisma.. You may notice that you have tapped into grace and flow. Life will be more beautiful and you will be much more in control. You will not be letting your ego get the best of you and operating from lower frequencies. Your intuition will guide you and if you ever feel off-balanced you will know when to get more into balance. This adjustment can evolve your life so much and everything you do. Don't take my word for it, go start connecting to your divine feminine essence. It's really just going within. It's about connecting to your awareness.

It's letting yourself letting yourself be graceful.

It's these simple things- tapping into your unique essence *

Start with exploring.




Vanessa Soul