Meditation; A Snack For The Mind, Body + Soul!

May 07 , 2024

Vanessa LeMaistre

Meditation; A Snack For The Mind, Body + Soul!

What makes meditation such an appealing traditional practice? Maybe you've been stressed at work or your personal life is in shambles. Maybe you've exhausted all current option and you want to find a personal head space on a budget. Meditation is a mindful tool you can take on the go, wherever YOU go; and that's powerful!


I'm going to take the opportunity to discuss why meditation is beyond resourceful and how it allows me to center my everyday, crazy life!


A common misconception of meditation is you have to have a blank mind, no thoughts circulating, just dead silence! It is seriously impossible to stop your brain from thinking, we are creature of habit and riot, our brains will never stop. With a society revolved around neurosis, it is hard to maintain a functioning sense of concentration. People get too caught up in their lives they forget to breathe, focus and relax. Meditation is a natural medicine developed by the Buddhist culture and still practiced heavily! With people running late and running rampant so are their minds.


It is said practicing this tradition can help eliminate the neurosis connected to distress and mental deficits in brain function. Meditation is a healthy way of releasing any angst, irritation, guilt, worry, vulnerability and the list goes on! Meditation is a free, healthy and resourceful way to instill balance back into your life. My all time favorite take on meditating is the way it connects you to your divine essence, the center of your soul, you Higher Self.


Meditation brings you closer to the present moment which in turn brings you to the essence and experience of your bliss. Become one with your soul the more you sit quietly with it and you come from a place with less ego. Practicing meditation brings you more clarity and you will be able to solve issues with more veracity; like having peace with your soul's true desires and being more mindful and kind to others. While continuing on your journey you will notice a shift in stability when it comes to handling stressful matters. Once you become comfortable in practicing, your focus in tapping into your consciousness that you were only able to obtain via your subconsciousness, will be more available to you as well as additional senses! Welcome to your life from a higher perspective and with better clarity of your true essence- your soul.


I’ve learned to truly bond with my soul. Try meditation yourself and see what this healing exercise can do for your inner-self. Start out by trying 5 minutes a day, then work your way up based on what you feel. Practice by lying down in bed, I personally prefer doing this while sitting upright just because the flow of energy is more in alignment with divine consciousness from my perspective. It doesn’t have to look a certain way, it's yours and your interpretation in cultivating your own unique meditation practice. It’s about living your purpose and manifesting that journey. There are no line and this is why I love meditation, it’s easy to see the idealism behind it all once you get to a place of silence and serenity- there lies no BS. Just truth.