Surrender to the Flow... Easier Said than Done... But Go With It

May 07 , 2024

Vanessa LeMaistre

Surrender to the Flow... Easier Said than Done... But Go With It

Yup, bend and go with the flow... This blogpost is all about surrendering. Surrendering in every given moment. Surrendering to trust. Surrendering to the knowledge within yourself. Surrendering to what is uncomfortable. Surrender to what is. If you can't change every single thing- what's the point? It’s been the theme for me as of lately and maybe it has been for you as well. A lot of times we go through things collectively on an energetic level. Usually when we are being asked to surrender, we are simultaneously being asked by the Universe to let go of our fears. To trust not only ourselves, but the Universe as well. You'll be surprised what kind of energy comes through this.

This is very expansive energy. Don't get all the fear twisted. Use it as a queue to begin looking at your fears to let them go. Face them, dive into the given moment at hand. Take courage. You got this thing called Life, or else you wouldn't be here.

The beginning of this year started off hectic! From getting Covid to traveling to 5 different places (some international,) within the span of 1 month, moving to another city abruptly, and being bogged down with work was a lot for me to feel "comfortable," with. (Oftentimes, comfort is not what we need to seek out in our lives. You never want to be too comfortable. We don't grow as much when we stay comfy.) Evolution itself develops through discomfort. Just take a notice at nature... when evolution is happening, there may be all types of twists and turns for anything to grow... but through the act of surrendering, there is ease in the process.. there is beauty in it. Sometimes it's hard to not get all wrapped up in the notions of everything and victimize yourself. We're meant to be able to handle life. Life is tough, but we're tougher.


Life started coming in fast. At first I was getting so overwhelmed! It was like I knew this was just one of life’s phases but I had no idea that it was going to be so intense. At first it’s like I was going through the motions and felt like I was going through it.. like life was beating me up & I was just letting it. Then I was getting sign after sign after sign that I was needing to surrender to what was- To just let go.

I had a fascinating reading recently with psychic medium "Lifeseekers," who also goes by @jessicanichole1111 on Instagram. The first thing out her mouth was that I was having to bend and fold at the moment. She suggested I surrender and go with it. Her extra nudge was the icing on the cake from all the signs I had been seeing to surrender. Sometimes you gotta hear someone else tell you. Us humans can, at times, be very hardheaded. But we're smart enough to learn the lessons when we are willing. . Just practice surrendering.. melting your energy if you will, with the energy of life at any given moment.

See surrendering is really a form of "letting go." Lately, moment by moment has consisted of me working on letting go of everything I can. There's too much transformation happening at this time in my life, and I hear the signs. The funny thing about it is, the more you are willing to surrender to all the change, the more transformation happens. So I am choosing to no longer be stubborn about this.

The Universe comes in always to help us, even when it is with challenging lessons. And these lessons will keep showing up with different kinds of shirts until we actually learn the lesson. I don't know about y'all but I don't want to keep facing the same lessons over and over. That is exhausting!


When I moved into my new place earlier this week, I was bringing in that same tense energy. I was feeling like I couldn't relax. I felt tense because of the change. It felt abrupt. Then the second I decided to surrender to all of the change, I began to feel happy. I began to be able to slow down into the moments and in turn focus on the positives. It's like... nothing is perfect anyway. So you can either complain about everything and be rigid, or see the positives and go with the flow of life as it is a living and powerful energy that has far more control than we ever could.

It's about meeting each and every single moment with this surrender energy, with this inner determination to let go of everything else other than the present moment. So you can meet the gift of Life with Yourself- with your Soul. So you can grow out of your comfort zones and into where the Universe is taking you.


This is more like a blog post. Thank you to each beautiful soul that has taken the time to read through this. Xo