May 07 , 2024

Vanessa LeMaistre

What Is Diversity + Inclusivity; Why Does Our Nation Need It?

Diversity & Inclusivity is where the future is heading. The words “Diversity & Inclusivity,” may sound like new buzz words for some, it may sound like a measurable sustainable approach to the future of organizations to others, and some people may have never even heard of these two words put together; nor have any idea of the intrinsic value of Diversity & Inclusivity.

The act of practicing Diversity & Inclusivity is connected with the egalitarian act of equity, belonging and truly accepting differences. Doing so allows one to understand the benefits any organism gains through diversifying itself. Systems do better when they are diverse and they have a more broad spectrum of how to operate leading to greater resilience.

The main reason why diversity is so crucial in terms of resiliency is because the truth is, everything is diverse. Rarely are things simply black and white nor can they easily be put into a box. The more we realize that individuals, systems, structures and organizations are diverse, the more resilient and sustainable they are.

For organizations to still be operating on an outdated infrastructure hurts everyone and only perpetuates the problem of racial inequity. Yet creating diverse modalities, trainings, and areas of focus for growth and understanding around D&I will instill a true diverse environment where groups of living systems can thrive.

As we move forward into this new world that is currently emerging, it would make sense for us to do all that we can to change what is no longer serving us. With a great divide in our country due to racial inequity, it makes sense that the solution to a healthier world is racial equity. The truth is the nation is diversifying faster than expected. It would be to our collective benefit to embrace rather than run from diversity. Diversity is our future and that is inevitable.

It is seeming as though Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of one day having racial equality is on its way.



Vanessa Soul